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For Patients

The Best Prices With No Surprises

Our pharmacists work hard to get the lowest price on your medications. We accept all major insurance plans and provide seamless delivery.

You Deserve Better Care With No Hidden Costs

No random fees, full transparency.

Fewer Insurance Headaches

Insurance issues can be tricky, and annoying. Our pharmacists assist in any transitions to make your life easier.

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General Services

For Patients

Seamless Delivery
Personalized Patient Counseling 
Patient App
DMV Vision Tests

How You Will Save Money With OnPoint

  • Price Investigation
    We make sure you save money by applying coupons, copay cards, and assistance programs
  • Pricing Options
    Why wouldn't you want better prices on your medication? We gather all information to get the best and most affordable option for your medications.
  • Coordination with the OP Family
    Hate getting to the pharmacy and experiencing long wait times? We work with your doctor and insurance to make sure you receive the best treatment in a timely manner.
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