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We care about improving patient outcomes, while making sure the costs for health plans are reduced

Our pharmacy believes in personalized patient care for all of our patients regardless of their conditions

We have skilled pharmacists who know the importance of follow up calls, your medications being delivered in a timely manner, and working with your insurance provider to assist in Prior Authorization.

Increased Patient Outcomes

Our patients have a decrease in hospitalizations, with an adherence rate of X. Our results save in patients avoiding care.

Why our value-based programs have shown results

We work with providers to ensure we are efficient and increase health outcomes for our patients. OnPoint Pharmacy is always looking to partner with your team to develop a program that meets everyone’s needs.

CMM: What is it and why does OnPoint follow it?

CMM is defined as the standard of care that ensures each patient’s medications (i.e., prescription, nonprescription, alternative, traditional, vitamins, or nutritional supplements) are individually assessed to determine that each medication is appropriate for the patient, effective for the medical condition, safe given the comorbidities and other medications being taken, and able to be taken by the patient as intended. CMM includes an individualized care plan that achieves the intended goals of therapy with appropriate follow-up to determine actual patient outcomes.

The CMM Services We Offer:

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
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